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Alice Bonnot
Alice Bonnot
, Portugal
Alice Bonnot is an independent curator and art consultant based between London and Lisbon. Fascinated by art’s potential to drive social change, she curates exhibitions that address contemporary challenges and that build bridges across disciplines. She is the co-founding director of Picnic, a contemporary art space occupying a long window in the Aylesham Centre in Peckham, London, and the founding director of the Zone d’Utopie Temporaire (Z.U.T.) residency programme, a nomadic annual residency addressing the notion of Utopia as a vehicle for artistic and critical comment. For this she curated exhibitions and events in Paris, London, Athens and Lisbon, with the support of the European Cultural Foundation and NEON / Outset Contemporary Art Fund. As an independent curator, Alice organised a broad range of exhibitions with galleries, institutions and artist-run spaces. As a freelance art consultant she has worked with a large variety of clients from contemporary art galleries and magazines, to independent creative studios and emerging artists. (More information on, contact

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