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Alice Bonnot
Independent Curator
Lisbon and London, Portugal and United Kingdom
Alice Bonnot is an independent curator interested in the development of sustainable contemporary practices. She teaches the short course “Sustainable Exhibition Management” at Central Saint Martins College, London. Alice is the co-founding director of Picnic Gallery, London, and the founding director of the Zone d’Utopie Temporaire (Z.U.T.) residency programme. She has curated more than twenty exhibitions in Paris, London, Athens and Lisbon, including 'Everything’s Mustard', Picnic, London, 2019, 'Out Of Office', PADA, Lisbon, 2019, 'Hyper Mesh', Assembly Point, London, 2019, 'Bored but secured', Wozen, Lisbon, 2018, 'A series of pocket Utopias', Yellow Brick and Snehta, Athens 2017, and 'Le corps comme activateur d’art numérique', Le Carreau du Temple, Paris, 2015. Alice holds an MA in Arts Management from Paris-Dauphine University and a BA in Global Business from DCU Dublin and CESEM Reims, France. She has previously worked as gallery manager, curator and exhibition manager. Alice lives and works between Lisbon and London. More info at and @bonnota.