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Anna Eyler + Nicolas Lapointe
New Media Artists
Montreal, Canada
Working in sculpture and new media, Anna Eyler and Nicolas Lapointe have participated in residencies with Espace Projet (Montréal, 2015), Verticale (Laval, 2018), and the Bòlit: Centre d'Art Contemporani (Catalonia, 2019). With both independent and collaborative artistic practices, the duo participated in several recent group exhibitions including Ada X’s HTMlles Festival (Montréal, 2020), Place Publique at the Fonderie Darling (Montréal, 2020), and the Athens Digital Art Festival (Athens, 2020). Recent two-person exhibitions include void loop () at the City Hall Art Gallery (Ottawa, 2018) and of the mountain and the ravine at White Water Gallery (North Bay, 2020).
  The collaborative practice of artists Anna Eyler and Nicolas Lapointe is based on an investigation of the web environments and computer-generated worlds associated with video games and immersive technologies. Combining digital art and sculpture, their interdisciplinary approach is inspired by the similarities and correspondences that can be made between simulated realities and real life. Interested in how digital objects influence daily life and how the technological imaginary is expressed, they explore their communicational and relational potential by appropriating the language of computer programs.  

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