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Bruno José Silva
Visual Artist
Lisboa, Portugal
Born in Leiria, 1992. Visual artist. Lives and works in Lisbon, since 2011. Completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon in 2014. In 2017 he was awarded the Merit Grant for Full Education in Photography by HÉLICE in Lisbon. Since 2018 he works as an associated artist with theatre company Plataforma285 for which he develops pieces in set-design and photography. While using his background in architecture, he centers his training as a theme for investigating and developing new projects that can take various artistic shapes - be it installations, over video or photography - all while questioning the status of image, its usage and its mechanisms of its own production. His research brings forth a multi-sensory reflexion, by means of spatial apparatuses, questioning the mutability of an image and its potential of fracturing/rupturing not only in itself as well as in its capacity to disturb the experience of multi-perception. He has presented his work over several solo and collaborative exhibitions in both independent and institutional spaces. Since 2016 he often exhibits his work, with notable recent exhibitions being "limit of disappearance" at Banco das Artes Galeria (2022, Leiria), “Um corpo, um rio” with cur. by David Revés at Galeria Liminare (2021, Lisbon), “I Will Take The Risk” at Tomaz Hipólito Studio (2020, Lisbon), “Natureza do Espaço” at Espaço Porto Cruz with cur. by Tiago Casanova (2019, Porto). He was winner of the Premio Video Keep It Brin (Balaclava Noir, 2021), finalist of the Young Creators (IPDJ, 2021) and distinguished with an honorable mention for his work in JOV’ARTE Biennial 2019. @brunojosesilvaa