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Marcelo Moscheta
Artista Visual
Campinas, Brazil
Marcelo Moscheta São José do Rio Preto, 1976 Lives and works in Campinas Since the beginning of his artistic career in 2000 he has created works and exhibitions arising out of journeys to remote places, where he collects objects from nature and reproduces them through drawing and photography, creating installations and objects. Recently, his interest is aimed to research borders and imposed limits to territories and also the relation betweens rivers and the landscape that follows their course. In 2015 the artist develops the Project Arrasto (Dragging) in which he drives through all the extension of the Tietê River and collects minerals at the river banks. Also, he researches ancestral memories at the River Trebbia, in Italy and at the Canadian/U.S. border. In 2014 Moscheta participates as resident artist in the Biennials of Vancouver and Montevideo, working on an expedition all over the Uruguay River. In his curriculum, attention to the solo shows Erosão Diferencial at MAC Campinas (2017), Plano Inclinado (2017) at SIM Galeria, Seven Falls at Galeria Vermelho in 2016, 1.000 km, 10.000 years (2013) at Galeria Leme and the site-specific Contra.Céu (2010) at Morumbi’s Chapel. Commissioned by the 8 Mercosul Biennial (2011), he carried out his research along the entire border between Brazil and Uruguay. Also in 2011 she participated in artistic residency aboard a sailboat in Spitsbergen, in the North Pole, resulting in the NORTE (2012) exhibition, held in the Imperial Palace. In 2013, he participated in the publication Vitamin D2, Phaidon Publishing House, an anthology of contemporary design. He has already carried out expeditions and residences in places like the Atacama Platform, LABVERDE in the Amazon Forest, Flora Ars + Natura in Colombia, as well as China, Ukraine, France and Italy. He has received several awards and research grants including The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant (2017), The Drawing Center Open Sessions Program (2015), Funarte's Visual Arts Production Stimulus Grant (2014), Marc Ferrez Photography Prize (2012) and the I Pipa Popular Jury Prize in 2010, among others.