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Micael Ferreira
Artista Plástico
Torres Novas , Portugal
Micael's work mirrors him in its entirety. It is the cluster of references and techniques, the palpable perseverance and will. It is the vulnerability of forms and the way in which they hold on to themselves; it is the rethinking of the medium on which they act, and all the possibilities and challenges that the constant questioning allows. It is the surprise caused by the complexity of something simple, subjected to a new look and a different action. In his work, there always seems to be a doubt - it is difficult to get to the heart of what he shows, always leaving the feeling that we miss something, that what we see has its origin in a referent that is often processed, without this processing being perceptible. The concern with the origins makes us question all the smallest details, but without perfectionism, with a detachment that is paradoxically highly committed. An almost naive simplicity, of a child who still deals with the reality of being an adult.