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Pedro Calapez
Visual Artist - Painter
Lisboa, Portugal
PEDRO CALAPEZ was born in Lisbon (1953). He began taking part in exhibitions in the seventies and in 1982 had his first solo exhibition. He has exhibited his work individually in various galleries and museums in Portugal and abroad. If some of his work was exhibited namely in Portugal at Serralves Museum, Gulbenkian Museum, Berardo Museum, MAAT Museum and others, abroad, his installations and paintings were shown at CGAC-Galician Centre for Contemporary Art, CAB-Burgos Contemporary Art Centre, Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation at Mallorca, PMKK, Contemporary Art Museum at Ostende, Calapez also participated at S. Paulo and Venice Biennials as well at Beaufort Triennale, in Belgium. He works with different art galleries in Portugal as well as in Spain, Germany or the United States. Calapez’s work was collected by private and public collections during his substancial career in the contemporary fine arts. // //
  The choice of colours is very intuitive and also very visual. If all artwork depends on how the artist uses materials to challenge an observer, colour takes a special importance in the painter’s practice. Painting constantly forces the artist to make choices, acts of acceptance or refusal, sometimes on an irrational basis. Doing art can be so compulsive that working “with colours” switches to working “with black and white” without any apparent reason.colour-field painting interests me most, because of the involvement of the spectator in the chromatic field.