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Zé Ardisson
Visual artist
Lisbon, Portugal
Born in Évora in 1988, lives and works between Lisbon and Bali, Indonesia. Graduated in Communication from ISCEM (2011), he attended the painting course at the National Society of Fine Arts in 2014 and since then has participated in several collective exhibitions. Where 12 O'clock (2016) and Cola Cuspo (2018) stand out. He also has solo exhibitions, such as the most recent “Lieu de Vie” on Side B of the Balcony gallery. Memories, recurring dreams, fears: elements that run through the artist's works and contaminate his works, giving it an openly biographical nature. Physical and psychological places of his affections, family heirlooms and childish desires towards new geographies; more than (re)telling past events, uncovering a truth omitted via the imagination, talking about the present situation, it is interesting to operate new logics of organizing layers of visuality and mixing them in a cadence of relations with noises of another materiality, heterogeneous, of unforeseen meanings.