UmbigoLAB is, as the name itself foretells, an experimentation-driven lab for art that intends to articulate the curatorial discourse with the artistic work. In this perspective, it is also a space of exposure and reflection about contemporaneity and modernity.

Based on a system of social network and networking, and comprised by artists and curators, UmbigoLAB intends, as a parallel objective, to create empathy, synergies and establish a collaborative wave in several branches of the art system (artists, curators, gallerists, museums directors and other institutions geared towards art).

Taking into account the environment in which it is unfurled – the Internet – UmbigoLAB also intends to promote digital, hybrid and multimedia art, at the same time that it stimulates the reflection on the exhibition of works and content in such contexts.

UmbigoLAB is a generative, compulsive, plural and recursive platform, in which each player adds, dilates, shares, promotes, infinitely, art.

In the increasing atomization of modern societies, UmbigoLAB is a facilitator of dialogue and communal experiences, creator of ties and agent of bonds. Deep down, a large community rooted in the art world.

It differs from other social networks due to a strategy of exclusive publication to artists and curators, who have access to it by invitation only. Adding to this, a Panel of Consultants/Advisers comprised of artists, curators, directors, critics and renowned academic who will legitimise and emphasize the work of certain artists.

The team of UmbigoLAB,
12 March 2018, Lisbon