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primeira desordem
Visual Artist
Lisboa, Portugal
primeira desordem is a project by Hugo Gomes (Lisbon, 1989) and João Marques (Lisbon, 1989) that plays in the intersection between art, poetry, music and crime. Selected exhibitions and projects includes the solo exhibition 'The Kids Are Alright' at MONITOR Lisbon (2022), the solo exhibition 'Backing Tracks e Cenas Assim' curated by Orsola Vannocci Bonsi and Mattia Tosti at Cosmos CAC, Lisbon (2022), group exhibition 'Apophenia' curated by Las Palmas and Bruno Marchand at Culturgest Porto (2021), the solo exhibition 'Correio nocturno' at MU.SA - Museu das Artes de Sintra (2020), the group exhibition 'A Sonic Youth' curated by Filipa Oliveira at Galeria Municipal de Almada (2019), the group exhibition 'There's a Horse in the Backyard' at FEA Official Program, Lisbon (2019) and the group exhibition 'The Theory of Clouds' at Spazio Buonasera, Turin (2019).