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Anabela Maravilhas
Artista Plástica
Palmela, Portugal
Anabela Maravilhas Lisbon 1979, live and work and Portugal. Paiting degree from Lisbon University of Fines Arts - 2018. Architecture degree, Setúbal Modern University - 2004. My first solo exhibition: “Under the Waters”, took place at the Modulo- Centro Difusor de Arte Gallery, Lisbon in 2019, in which i`am repre- sented. From the group exhibitions in which i participated, the following stand out: “I Will take the Risk”, at Azan Space, Lisbon in 2020; “It is through the look that changes man and the world” at Modulo Gallery, Lisbon in 2020; “FBAUL Finalists”, SNBA Lisbon in 2019; “Speculum Cum Macula”, at Modulo Gallery, Lisbon in 2019; “Jet Lag” (curated by Filipa Sousa), Liminar Gallery, Lisbon in 2019; “Essays on the (in) flexibility of the natural - part II”, at the Ministry of the Environment, Lisbon in 2018; “Contextualised Image”, Lisbon Photographic Archive in 2017; 1st Edition of the “Paula Rego Prize”, Casa das Histórias - Cascais, (cat.) in 2016. Publications: PX3 Photography Awards, 2019 Prix de la Photographie Winners; Edition #1 – Mancha | Stain – Open Call. Propeller, October 2017, Publication that marks the 15th anniversary of the project |the contex- tualized image|, 2023, by the Lisbon Photographic Archive. +351 933245266 My work that has a strong interdisciplinary dimension based on a dialogue between: Photography Drawing / Painting. My works enunciate a questioning about the Divine - Feminine – Religion - The Four elements (water, earth, fire and air), as well as a dematerialization of the conventional concept of classical conception art. A different perspective of seeing and relating to art objects - Photography - Art - Life, images made in an unconventional way. The compulsivity is part of my creative process and also allows me to question the idea of Art and the artistic object, always leaving him open to doubt and to a continuous practice. A route that intends to leave the traditional molds of presentation showing the world inside me.