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Francisco Osório
Visual Artist -
Lisbon, Portugal
Born in 1987, Lisbon, Portugal. Francisco currently lives and works in Lisbon. He works in different media such as photography, installation, documental video, performance and painting. Francisco is undertaking a photography course at Atelier de Lisboa, in Portugal, since the beginning of the current year. Osorio did an MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, in London between 2015/16 and he also graduated in architecture from Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa, in Portugal, in 2013, having done Erasmus for one year in Milan. He also frequented Ar.Co - Centro de Artes & Comunicação Visual in Portugal between 2011/13. Francisco's work has been exhibited at Experimento, Madrid, Spain; TAL Gallery, Cascais, Portugal; Foco Gallery, Lisboa, Portugal, Cookhouse Gallery, London, UK; Punctum, London, UK; Mills Centre Gallery, London, UK; Palácio da Trindade, Lisboa, Portugal; Museu Bordalo Pinheiro, Lisboa, Portugal; Galeria Contempo, Lisboa, Portugal; Centro Cultural de Cascais, Cascais, Portugal.
  Looking at a random object and highlighting its existence is the basis of my practice. After collect the objects from somewhere, I do consider the action of placing them in my studio an important part of the process - the objects lose their sense of randomness and abandonment to start a dialogue between themselves and the surrounding space. My practice is strongly attached to the idea of 'on-going' work. I tend to focus my energy on the process and it's performative act. Across my series of works I am creating a dialogue between weight and lightness, unrefined and delicate, opacity and translucence, order and chaos when using handmade and/ or industrial objects. The playfulness or humor may sometimes be clouded by a certain feeling of melancholy.