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Sandra Baía
Artista Plástica
Lisbon, Portugal
Sandra Baía ( Lisbon 1968) Portugal. She spent her childhood living in several African countries. At the age of 18, she moved to Paris and London to work in the fashion industry. After few years, she returned to Portugal and established herself as a full time artist.
  I feel part of an era, in which artists explore and overlap various artistic vocabularies. Presently adopting an ample scope of industrial materials, techniques and mediums as a metaphor for a fragmented post-modern industry, I share concerns with a new kind of art that might push the observers’ experience beyond the purely visual or optical act towards a physical, or 'somatic' participation, conveyed by the minimalist, organic and abstract tri-dimensionality of small, medium and large scale sculpture and site-specific installation. From such perspective, within an environmental interaction, I explore the intimate relationship of the artistic object to a specific setting, how it might instill a visual, physical and cognitive relationship with the observer, and how it might create discursive spaces (or environments) in which the observer may experience mass, weight and gravity in as much as fluidity, fragility and instability, aiming to induce a challenging meditative response to the vulnerable and contradicting complexity and individuality of the human condition and its relationship with both his inner and outer worlds.