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Susana Rocha
Artista / Directora Artística
Lisboa, Portugal
Born in Braga, 1988. Visual artist. DUPLEX founder and Artistic Director. Lives and works in Lisbon, since 2006. Gratueted in Painting by Fine Arts Faculty, University of Lisbon (2010), Master in Painting (2012) by the same University. Master in Teaching - Visual Arts by the Education Institute of the University of Lisbon (2013) and PhD in Visual Arts (2020) by the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Lisbon. Her scope of theoretical study and praxis, has a central focus on contemporary art and particular attention to universes related to practices concerning failure, anxiety, death, melancholy and irony, as central pulsions in artistic production. She also develops curatorial projects, directs and produces the programming of DUPLEX gallery and it's International Residency Program. She collaborates as an academic researcher with the Center for Research and Studies in Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, since 2012, with numerous articles published in national and international journals and publications, and she has been Invited Adjunct Professor at the Polytechnic of Lisbon since 2020. She has been exhibiting regularly since 2012 in Portugal, Brazil, United States, France, Iceland, Spain and Italy. @susava.v.rocha
  My work builds itself in the border between a racional formalism and the need for psycho-emocinal extrapolation, exploring what is structural to the poetics of the human condition. Starting from a personal narrative, which is never explicitly biographical, and systematically adapting my work processes, my search is always that of an intimate echo within the observer, using methodological, conceptual and aesthetic strategies related to experiences of disruption, failure, paradox, contradiction and inner conflict.