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Matheus Rocha Pitta
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Matheus Rocha Pitta (born 1980 in Tiradentes, MG, Brazil) has spent much time over the past years investigating forms and perceptions of gestures. Focusing on the intersection in everyday life and art, he disconnects gestures from their individual biographical background and portrays them as deliberate aesthetic acts with a historical dimension. Rocha Pitta uses photography, video and sculpture to identify and construct his own repertoire of gestures, which he activates in conjunction with the visitors and spectators of his works. He has created several series of works – Primeira Pedra (The First Stone, 2015), no hay pan (There Is No Bread, 2015), Assalto (Assault, 2014), Golpe de graça (Blow of Grace, 2013) – that display gestures to explore language, possession and motion in a way that has far-reaching ethical implications.

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