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Chan Sook Choi
Berlin , Germany, Korea
Chan Sook Choi received her Diplom's degree in Visual Communications and Media Art as well as her master's degree at University der Künste in Berlin. Germany. Choi won the grand prize at the international media art competition hosted by Bibliart and Pergamon Museums in 2008, and was selected the artist of Nafoeg project in 2009, a young artist support program sponsored by the City of Berlin. 2017 She granted to Visual Artist from the llse-Augustin Foundation at the City Museum in Berlin. In Korea, Choi presents her work in Private Collection as a selected artist of the NArT, a young artist support program sponsored by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture in 2010. Since then, Choi was also selected Tomorrow's Artist by Sungok Art Museum in 2012, the Young Artist Prize at Gallery Loop in 2015, and Young Artist Support Program at Seoul Museum of Art in 2017. Choi has also been conducting her narratology experimentations on psychological migration and the human memory as a medium through a multi and interdisciplinary methodological approach, in performances as the National Theater of Korea, Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art Sacheon, REAL DMZ PROJECT Kunsthal Aarhus, Humbolt Forum Berlin, Grimmuseum Berlin, Art Sonjae Center Seoul and Gangwon international Biennale 2018, etc.