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Colin Ginks
Multimedia artist, writer and theatre performer;
Lisbon, Portugal
2023: Group Exhibition: Oversounds, Roseberry Road Studios, Bath, UK; 2022: Solo exhibition The Beautiful Ones at Omnu Creative Homes, July 7 - 31; Group exhibition: My Father is a Dirty Slutty Transcendental Girlie, Espaço Caramujo, Almada; 2021: Siilk Gallery, Artist Residency, Athens. December. 2020: Solo exhibition Constellationing at Espaço Santa Catarina, Lisbon 2019: KuBa Kulturbahnhof Artist Residency, Germany. May 2-30; 2018: Solo exhibition Oh Fuck Yeah at A Montanha gallery, Lisbon:
  As a kid, I wanted to be a forensics expert, solving crimes. I am now a visual artist, writer and performer living and working in Lisbon, Portugal since 2009. My practise involves an increasingly wide array of media, an interest in installation, sound and writing as an artistic process, and orbits reflections on gender, identity, relationships (societal and personal) and the individual’s place in the collective. As a homosexual male, our common history and activisms have also informed to a great extent my practice, as I seek to preserve, explore and re-evaluate the numerous marginal legacies that make up a complex and diverse community. Also the on-going documentary theatre project, My Europe, has emboldened the performance aspect of my practice. Finding ways to portray human emotion and empathy in my work, through echoes of individuals and community, is something that will only become more frequent, while reflecting my fascination for the processes of memory and its preservation.