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Inês Moura
Visual Artist and Educator
Coimbra , Portugal
1984, Coimbra, Portugal. Inês Moura develops her artistic work mainly in the areas of photography, drawing and installation. Coimbra, Lisbon and São Paulo are cities to which she is deeply connected and which are part of her fragmented, tattooed identity, gained as a traveller. Images, words, the space as a matter, often appear in her works as a form of expression of a deep connection to Nature, to the places she inhabits, to an archeology of memory and time. She has a degree in Painting-Fine Arts (FBAUL -2009) and a Master in Arts and Artistic Procedures (IA-UNESP - 2013). After almost 12 years living abroad in São Paulo, Brazil, where she also developed her career in art-education, having spent 8 years teaching arts, design and creative thinking, essentially through project-based learning, she returns to Portugal in November 2020, where she is currently almost exclusively dedicated to her art studio. Between 2009 - 2011, she was part of the editorial and production team of the 4th number of MARTE magazine. A research space around contemporary artistic creation, that belongs to FBAUL. MARTE 4 “From Artistic Creation to Space Intervention”, had Sara Antónia Matos has its editorial coordinator. Since 2009, the year in which she received the BES Revelation award and her work was presented at the Serralves Foundation, Inês has participated in national and international exhibitions. Her work is present in private collections (AA CONTEMPORARY ART COLLECTION; Colecção Aj; Coleção Nuno Maia) and public collections (CAPC - Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra). A selection of her participations in shows include: (2022) 232° CELSIUS - Coimbra Editora, Coimbra; COMER A MONTANHA - Galeria da Faculdade de Belas Artes, Lisboa; ENTRE O CÉU E A TERRA - Colecção AA - 15 Anos de MACE, Elvas; PEDRA A PEDRA - MIRA FORUM, Porto; ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT - DIÁLOGOS DAS IMAGENS COM O REAL, MNAC, Lisboa ; (2021) ADMIRÁVEL MUNDO NOVO | Coimbra; (2016) CHAMA PLURAL - Consulado Geral de Portugal em São Paulo | São Paulo; (2014) A VANGUARDA ESTÁ EM TI | 55 Anos do Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra, Coimbra; (2012) CIMENTO - Sala do Veado - Museu Nacional de História e da Ciência, Lisboa; CONCRETE MIRRORS - The Crypt Gallery, Londres; (2011) 51 PASSOS - Paço das Artes, São Paulo; (2009) BES REVELAÇÃO 2009, Museu Serralves, Porto