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Maria Máximo
Lisbon, Portugal
Lives and works in Lisbon. Currently attends the Painting Master in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. Maria was awarded with: (2021) " Alunos da fbaul na Ermida – prémio de pintura 2ª edição " curated by Ilídio Salteiro and Ricardo Escarduça; In the group exhibitions she highlights: (2021) "Sonhos de Guerra e Paz", at Museu Militar, Lisbon, PT, curated by João Reis; (2021) "Trauma Response", at Duplex, Lisbon, PT, curated by Judith Hofer; (2021) "Hammer Time", at Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, PT, curated by Gemma Noris (2022) "Depois do Banquete", at Teatro Thalia, Lisbon, PT, curated by Joana Siquenique, João Rosa and José Taborda; (2022) "Caring is Sharing", at CabanaMad, Lisbon, PT, curated by Francisco Trêpa; (2023) "Spike to Spica", at Galeria Monumental, Lisbon, PT; (2023) "O jardim dos caminhos que se bifurcam" - Buraco, Lisbon, PT; (2023) "Marathon des écoles" - CN D - Centre national de la danse, Pantin, Île-de-France, FR; (2023) "Quem põe o som na boca do pisco?" - Fundação Dom Luís I (Centro Cultural de Cascais), Cascais, PT and (2023) "Alcazar" - Alfaia, Loulé, PT (curated by Egeu).
  My work is born of a vital compulsion for an emotional archeology, an urgent catharsis. I excavate fossils in my intimacy, hidden in the memories that forge me, and make me who I am. I confront that which I run from, and resist that which assaults me. I retreat into what shelters me and hide in what caresses me. I expose myself to a procedural chain of subjective actions. A struggle between efforts, joys, pains, refusals, settlements, embodied in a discharge of decisions, or choices, that, on an aesthetic level, cannot, and should not, be totally conscious, and that, in a somewhat unpredictable way, lead me to the work. I simply do. A spontaneous expulsion without a severe plan and threat of a too austere pre-construction. At the same time, I articulate the singularity of any, of every, instant with the preparation of something I sense I will discover, or (re)know. I want the work to exceed a retinal dimension. The image condescended by the work does not admit imitation, or the sign that points to a certain reality. Rather, it is my liberation from that reality, and a permanent search for its recreation, distinct and autonomous on my terms.