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Ricardo Barbeito
Artista Plástico
Lisboa, Portugal
Ricardo Barbeito (1979) was born in Funchal, has a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Madeira and a master's degree in Art and Heritage, which included the ephemeral public art project entitled "The Chit-Chat: an aesthetic-artistic intervention project for the city of Funchal". He develops his work in installation and drawing and has participated in various activities, from event production to exhibitions in public spaces. Barbeito has been presenting his artistic work on a regular basis, in collective and individual exhibitions since 2004. Awards, Grants and Residencies: 2013 - 4th edition of the Festival of Public Art Walk & Talk Azores 2014, Ponta Delgada, the Azores. 2013 - 5th edition of ZDB Visual Arts Residencies, Zé dos Bois Gallery, Lisbon. 2012 - SKIN & BEAR Artistic Residency, curated by Alexandre Melo, Red Bull Art House, LX Factory, Lisbon. 2010 – Becas SantandEuropa-Taller Juan López Grant, Santander Foundation 2016, Santander 2016, Candidate for European Capital of Culture. 2007 - 3rd Prize of the 5th Visual Arts Contest, Henrique and Francisco Franco Prize. Jury: Alexandre Melo, Ana Vidigal and Pedro Calapez.