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Ricardo Barbeito
Artista Plástico
Lisboa, Portugal
Ricardo Barbeito (1979) was born in Funchal, has a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Madeira and a master's degree in Art and Heritage, which included the ephemeral public art project entitled The Chit-Chat: an aesthetic-artistic intervention project for the city of Funchal, where art emerges as a possibility of change in public space and the public as a factor of change in the space of art. Besides his teaching activities, Barbeito develops his work between drawing, installation and public art, deepening the connection that exists between memory and everyday life, art, life and identity. He uses a diversity of means and modes of operation in which the space and the mediations that are established in it are simultaneously matter and content of the work, exploring the place as a field of possibilities, passages and contaminations. Has been presenting his artistic work on a regular basis, in collective or individual exhibitions since 2004.